About the Author

Alejandro Román, born in Madrid in 1971, studied piano and composition at the “Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid”, graduated with highest honours. He has studied composition with Jesús Villa Rojo, Valentín Ruiz, Zulema de la Cruz and great master Antón García Abril, composer of numerous films like “Sor Citröen (Sister Citröen)”, “Los santos inocentes (The holy innocents)”, “La colmena (The Beehive)” or “El Crimen de Cuenca (The Cuenca Crime)”. He has a PhD about music and audiovisual media.

From 1991 to 1995 he received a scholarship of studies in jazz to study with Jorge Villaescusa, Tony Heimer, Bob Sands and Ricard Miralles (piano and improvisation) and with Claudio Gabis, Miguel Blanco and Eva Gancedo (composition & arrangement, film music). He has also taken part in special courses with Carmelo Bernaola, Giancarlo Simonacci, Emiliano del Cerro and Jean Claude Risset among others, and taked contact with composers like Cristóbal Halffter, Leonardo Balada, Krzysztof Penderecki or Philip Glass.

On the performing side his playing and recording credits include soul bands “Respect” and “Cool Jerks “, with whom he has toured Spain. He also featured as keyboard player with “Galadriel”, a progressive rock band of Spanish renown, performing at the Progday Festival of North Carolina (USA) in 1996. Since 1998 he has played jazz-fusion piano with the “Juan Camacho Quintet”, recording one CD. He also has recorded the keyboards for the first CD of “Prinz”, a progressive jazz band.

His catalogue includes more of fifty works for different instruments, chamber music, symphonic and vocal music, as well as electronic, jazz and theatre and film music. He has written the music for sixteen shortfilms, one feature film and two tv-movies. Also he has been producer of several musical projects, between them the music for the film “Malas Temporadas (Hard Times)” (2005), of Manuel Martín Cuenca.

In 2002 he was commissioned by the “International Festival of Film Music of Sevilla” for write a big-band arrange from John Barry’s music for the film “007-The Living Daylights”, and was performed for the first time in Seville by the EMC Jazz Orchestra directed by the American saxophonist Bob Sands.

In 2004, he arranged for the concert the music from the Alejandro Amenábar´s film “The Others”, and Eva Gancedo´s music for “La Buena Estrella (Lucky Star)”, and he won the best music for film award of the “Zaragoza´s Film Festival” by the film “Niño Vudú (Voodoo Child)” of Toni Bestard.

In 2006 Alejandro writes the music for the short film “Equipajes”, that was nominated to the Goya´s award. In 2007 finished the music for the Juan Carlos Claver´s film “Intrusos en Manasés (God's Forgotten Town)”.

He has written three books, among them is the author of the treaty theoretical "Musivisual language, semiotics and the aesthetics of film music".

He is member of the board of the “Asociación Madrileña de Compositores (A.M.C.C.)”, and he has participated organizing two of the “Contemporary Music Festivals of Madrid”, COMA 2005 and COMA 2006. Also he’s a founder member of “Musimagen”, the professional association of film composers of Spain.

He has occupied the post of head of studies at the “Escuela de Música Creativa” (E.M.C.), in Madrid, where he teaches piano, composition, harmony and ear training. Also he is professor of the cathedra in "Film Music Compositional Techniques" at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, working at the laboratory “C.I.N.E.M.A.” (Composición e Investigación en los Medios Audiovisuales).